Greetings, my name is Dreznik Xerakof, and I am an accomplished writer by passion and profession. My unique skill set of both copy and art, allows me to create concepts that are comprehensive and achieve better integration of the entire team’s efforts, towards an effective creative output. I have successfully led creative teams of designers, writers, content creators and more.


My work covers industries such as Automobile, Edtech, Fashion, Healthcare, Hospitality, Information Technology, Jewellery, Retail, Real Estate, Travel, and others. I work across a variety of media that include Digital, UX, Social Media, Video, Print, OOH and Radio. I have experience in multiple markets, namely, India, US, UK, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.


I am a native English speaker who always stays up to date with changes in the industry through, personal research, extensive networking, and professional development. Aside from being a copywriter, I am a poet, amateur bassist, digital artist, PC gamer and tech enthusiast.

My Portfolio

Waith YouTube Ad

Concept, art direction and script writing for a YouTube Ad

What is the big deal with HRM?

A blog analysing and educating companies about using a HRM solution

Waith Website

Website Content for

U2 Concert Transportation Invite

Creative direction and copywriting for a Transportation Invite to the U2 concert in Mumbai

Chinese New Year Email

An email celebrating the Lunar New Year as it is known be the Chinese population or Chinese New Year as it known globally

Boarding Point Newsletter

B2B newsletter informing bus operators the brand and platform updates.

Wedding Season Email

A simple yet highly effective email that resulted in a 10% open rate!

rPool App

UX writing for the rPool App onboarding process scenarios and research.

rPool Landing Page

Complete website content for rPool Landing Page

Boss Day

Humourous take on celebrating Boss Day

Minimalist Series

Brand morph into covid advisory posts

DJ Food Puns

Social media series created for FreshMenu

redBus Travel Journal Video

Scripting, art direction and creative direction for a short animated video that tell the tale of the company's journey

May Day Activation

Scripting and creative direction for a May Day activation by redBus that celebrated bus drivers as heroes

Avengers take the bus

Conceptualization, Scripting and Creative Direction for a post at the height of Avengers mania

Singapore Lunar New Year

Social media posts for Lunar New Year

May the fourth

Conceptualization and creative direction for a social media post celebrating the 4th of May aka Star Wars day

rPool Animated video

Scripting, art direction and creative direction for a video about rPool (Carpool Service) announced by redBus at a press conference.

Corporate Video

Scripting and consulting on an office introduction video about redBus. Fair warning the video is over half an hour!

Malaysia Flash Sale

Conceptualization, Scripting and Creative Direction for a 6-second unskippable ad promoting redBus' Malaysia Flash Sale

Year End Report

The first-ever creative Year End Report for redBus. Click the image to view as  a gallery or click here to download the PDF

Big Red Sale

Conceptualization, Scripting, Art Direction and Creative Direction for a 10-second YouTube ad promoting redBus Indonesia's Big Red Sale

Dussehra is Calling!

Conceptualization, Scripting and Creative Direction for a video capturing some of the unique celebrations of the festival of Dusshera.

Mom knows best

A series exploring precautions during the outbreak from the viewpoint of a Mother

Biryani Wars

Conceptualization, scripting, art direction and creative direction for a social media video that leveraged a trending topic, which was a debate about which state had the best Biryani.

Travel advisory during Covid

An Insta Series Corona Advisory